IT-Network in the Technology Centre of Allensbach

For the 14 companies in the Technology Center of Allensbach (TZA) we have implemented a new network infrastructure. This way we provide efficient and secure internet access and additional services for each resident.

The central firewall is based upon Linux netfilter/iptables. Every participant gets a separate, secured network, and DMZ / VPN accesses as needed. Traffic Shaping on the external interfaces assures load balancing of available bandwidths and good response time for interactive applications, simultaneously.

A traffic statistics enables accounting and helps to detect bottlenecks and irregularities.

Moreover, we offer website hosting for the residents and a secure e-mail service with advanced spam and virus protection.

We are also responsible for the day-by-day operation and management of the TZA-network. For this task we use the (open source) administrative tool FWBuilder, which officially incorporates an enhancement contributed by COMPAL.