Server and LAN

Almost every small or mid-sized business and every free-lancer's office today needs severel networked workstation-computers and often one or more servers. The servers may be connected via a local area network (LAN)  used as fileserver, database- or application-server or used in a remote  location i.e. as e-mail-server or external backup-server.

Server- and Network-Support

Limited to our local region (please look onto the map) we can offer qualified support for the following tasks:

Complete survey of the "naturally-grown data-crowds" and data-flows in your enterprise. Re-structuring of the data management (distribution of data over clients/workstations, notebooks, servers ...) as advisable for the goal of optimal availability and security. This will also include an adequate strategy for the regular backups.

Design and implementation, maintenance and support for your LAN including secure access to the internet.

Installation and administration of servers. We recommend to use Linux for your servers whenever possible. This will often be feasible since most of the important file-, mail- and other services (under Linux) are available for Windows- or Mac-environments.  So you can benefit from the advantages of Linux on your servers.

Remote Server Administration

Beyond our local region we also offer remote administration and support of  Linux- and UNIX-servers.