Why Linux?

The free operating system Linux enjoys an increasing popularity and rapidly growing spread. Serious forecasts show Linux comparably positioned with "commercial" systems few years from now. (Read also Arguments for Linux).

Linux is stable and reliable, powerful, undemanding (for hardware resources), continuous and good value for money. And it is offered not only by one supplier which serves the market according to his own interests. Linux is available in different "distributions" (compositions of system and application software) from many sources. Consulting and support services are available from many independent service partners.

In the meantime Linux is a good 15 years old and has "grown-up". It can be installed and used at least as easy as "commercial" systems. The repertory of applications has increased enormously during the recent years. Linux is now utilised many millionfold on computers of all kinds, ranging from high-performance servers to workstations to specialised "embedded systems".

Linux is free software - and likewise many application packages. Free does not necessarily mean free of cost. One does not pay any license fees, one has to pay however for consulting and support services if needed. One may - without any additional license fee, quite legaly - install and use the software on several computers at will.

Linux Consulting and Support

We offer professional assistance with the introduction and support of Linux in your enterprise. During many years we have successfully used Linux as operating system on workstations and servers and collected valuable practical experiences. This way we have become your skilled partner for all topics around Linux and open source applications as well as for the integration of Linux into heterogeneous environments.

You too can take advantage from our LPIC-2* certified competence!
*LPIC = Linux Professional Institute Certification