Compal GmbH

Our History

COMPAL was founded in 1985 as a software engineering firm and was mainly engaged as a Software Development Partner of major Industrial Companies.

In 1994 it was transformed into a limited liability company. Activities expanded towards the Internet-Business just growing up at that time.

In 1997 COMPAL moved into the new-established Technology Centre of Allensbach at the Lake Of Constance. In the following two years we were increasingly envolved in a number of "" projects. Many of the very optimistic views of those times had to be replaced by a rational view soon ...

In late 1999 the company was restructured with a new young team. We focussed again on our strengths and main competence. Besides the well proven themes like postal automation there are now coming up new ones ...

We are now a well established enterprise and we are here to stay ready for new challenges. With us you can be sure your need will always be well taken care of in the present as well as in the future.